SIBERIA Red Dry White Snus


Content: 13g
Flavour: Mint, Spearmint
Format: White Dry
Nicotine level: 43mg/g
Pouches per can: 24
Strength: Ultra Strong

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Siberia -80oC Extremely Strong White Dry from GN Tobacco is a ultra strong portion with fresh taste of spearmint. Siberia -80oC Extremely Strong White Dry has a nicotine strength of 43mg/g which makes it one of the strongest portion snus available. The pouches are dry giving you a minimal drip yet a long taste experience. Compared to a regular snus, this one has up to 4x more nicotine strength! Siberia -80oC Extremely Strong White Dry is one of GN Tobacco’s most popular products. It’s fresh mint combined with a seriously high nicotine content makes this snus a top choice for experienced snusers

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