VAPORESSO X TANK Replacement Pod


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The Vaporesso xTank Empty Pod Cartridge,which hold 4.5ml E-Juice Capacity and With Double Top System and SSS Leak-Resistant Technology,it gives a Quadra leak resistance,better than a tank.The industry first and only to integrate top airflow and top filling in one system for better experience and simpler operation.The COREX inside-a flavor boosting technology,increases the flavor and the lifespan of GTX coil with innovative on the cotton and the MESH.It can also be fully compatible with the whole coil platform.The patented Morph-Mesh Structure for more even heating and stronger flavor boosting,creates an incredible ration of flavor to sensation and provides the most flavorful vapor.Formed by the microfiber in a complex structure,the cumulus cotton is innovated to be fluffier for a higher liquid delivery,ensuring a more consistent and longer enjoyment


  • E-Juice Capacity: 4.5ml
  • Color: Gunmetal,Silver
  • SSS Leak-resistant Technology
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Filling Type: Top filling
  • Airflow: Top Airflow
  • Liquid Self-Circulation System
  • Cumulus Cotton
  • Patented Morph-Mesh Structure
  • Flavor Boosting Technology
  • Compatible With Full GTX Platform
  • 2PCS Per Pack
  • Fit for Vaporesso GEN PT60, GEN PT 80S


1*Vaporesso xTank Empty Pod Cartridge 2PCS(No Coils Included)


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